“I have worked closely with Jim Carr and Bob Hughes on numerous telecasts. They have always shown the finest level of expertise in everything they touch. As a production company, they excel at broadcasting “Olympic-style” events with complex events that require good storytelling to convey to the viewer the best the event as to offer. They also use the highest quality equipment and personnel on their telecasts.”

-Molly Solomon, Coordination Producer NBC Olympics Division

“Bob Hughes and Jim Carr…both posses a unique appreciation for TV broadcasting coupled with a full understanding of the needs and requirements of a rights holding broadcaster. They also compliment that knowledge with an understanding of sport in general as well as a full appreciation of the need to interface with the various Sport Federations and the organizing committee as well.”

 -Brian Douglas, Head of Production, Vancouver Olympics, OBSV

“The show was excellent at every level! From the talent, to the features, to the live coverage, the team hit every mark. You really showed Keeneland at its finest! I maybe be a little biased but this is the best hour of horse racing I’ve seen this year.” “Wow. What a great telecast on a wonderful weekend here at Keeneland. I finally was able to watch it last evening after our Sunday races and was absolutely blown away.The stories, the picture, the announcers, everything was ideal.”

-Comments from the Keeneland Association on the "Autumn at Keeneland" Series.

“Thank you for your spirit, your dedication and for the professional team you bring to the Rolex 3-Day Event. It is always fascinating to enter the command center and be overwhelmed by all that technology. However, the results speak for themselves.”

-Rolex Corporation